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America saddens me D:

"Greatest American Dog"

Title of a new American Idol-style reality show.

What, just WHAT?

Americans, we're officially obsessed and very, very sad. D:

Boss told me to write this.

mytwopaws demanded I write about my life. So here goes nothing~

I was homeless the summer before third grade~ 8D It's not nearly as bad as it sounds though! Y'see, I was moving to a new town, and we were having a house built. So we sold our old one of course. Well, the new house wasn't done in time, and the new people were moving in and wouldn't put moving in off, so technically, I had no house that summer.

We stayed with relatives and friends. Did I mention most of those friends had beach/lake houses? @w@ But man, 8 weeks of constant beach gets BORING. Especially when your Mom is happiest at one. Everyday, we'd be out, and no, we couldn't stay home and watch TV. Being forced to a beach makes it boring FAST. and I don't like to swim in the ocean. a) I hate seaweed b)I hate shit in the water in general c)I hate the salt 4) I have a pathalogical fear of crustations. Crabs. Lobster. Shrimp. NO. Them crabs in Cloverfield? MY WORST NIGHTMARE. Crabs with eploding bites? NO NO NO NO. Anyway~ I love boating, LOVE tubing, and love surfing but swimming is a no. D: So really, if there aren't any big waves, I'm bored. can only take so much sitting and reading before I lose it.

I have to finish my homework now, is this enough Zat?

Lots to do, and I'm still bored

Hey everyone/no one~

Sorry I haven't been updating >>;;;; D.Gray Man and school projects consumed me. And I'm back into Ragnarok Online. Come bother me if your on Loki~ Audris Chiron, almostchemist (Thats an alch in traning~) I've been meaning to update, but liek I lot of things I've been meaning to do, I'm not getting to them. I've been meaning to practice for a singing compition, work on my 1000th page view thanks for devart, work on a birthday present, make some jewelery, and play DDR. but all I've done this past week in a half is watch Buso Renkin, read/watch D.Gray Man (ALLEN 8D), draw some fanart, and get to lvl 35/26 on RO. Wah. I need to get working.


OMG, guess what just happened!

You'll never guess what my aunt and cousin just found in one of those giant tupperwareish tubs they'd filled with towels. A mother mouse and her 5 babies. =D So ka-wa-ii~ They've ruined the towels, but. they. were. CUTE! XDDDD We let them loose in the garden, and left them a towel. They were so funny because the babies all went in differant directions and we had to herd them all back to their mother. And then the mother left @_@. An dthen came back. And then left. And then I got bored XD

side note: mental note to self, get more userpics XD*


My moooooouuuuuuttttthhhh........

I just got braces this morning. ARRGH! DDDD: My mouth.......horrible......screaming.......agony.................
I can't eat anything. D: Its all metal............and blood..........(stupid braces......getting caught on the inside of my mouth......)tasting..... wahh........I can feel it but I ain't tasting it.............
I wonder if this is what Fai feels like when he eats things now XD /randomness


More music that makes me want to sprint for my sketchbook and DRAW. Most the the time it turns out as just horrible scribbles that want to kill me, but I'm hoping that someday I'll be able to get the images onto paper and not have them horribly mutilated along the way. Which reminds me. I need to work on my 1000 pageview on devart. And my commissions. Crap.
Oh well. On with the music! All lyrics/songs/titles (c) Original Authors
[Note] The mix has gone from 92 to 89.....cause I found songs that didn't fit. And it will probably go down more....><

Because you can never have enough Fai 11-20Collapse )


Fai fanmix time! 8D (Part 1)

I *love* music, so it was only a matter time before I did something like this XD So here's the first part of 92 songs that remind me of Fai. Some of its KuroFai, and even a smidgen of AshuraFai, even though I'm not one for that pairing. I didn't upload the music because, well.....I don't know how XD At least, not on LJ. But if you are unable to find any of these songs, please, drop me a line on MSN messenger. All lyrics (c) The artist who recorded them

1-10 FanmixCollapse )


First Post!

Hey everyone!!!! (or....no one.....dunno who's reading this XD)Welcome to my journal!!! =3 I hope to use this to rant, review stuff, post icons, art, and fanmixes. I'd say more about myself, but I think my Bio page should take care of that >w

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